Specifying entrance matting

Getting it wrong

For many people, entrance flooring is an afterthought so its not surprising that so many mat installations are poorly specified or inadequately sized. This in turn can lead to premature replacement of floor coverings, unnecessary cleaning and maintenance bills and the occurrence of avoidable accidents.

Getting it right

Whatever the project Shackerley’s technical experts can guide you towards the correct style and size of mat, designed and manufactured to meet your needs with component parts individually specified to perform a particular function and configured for maximum effectiveness.


These are some of the questions which need to be answered:

  • Where is the entrance area situated? Is the outside approach sheltered by a canopy or a veranda? Is matting be installed outside the building to provide a first line of defence?
  • Is the area prone to prevailing wind and rain? Will the matting system need to absorb large amounts of water? For extreme cases where excessive rainfall is expected, a suspended drained reservoir system might be necessary to ensure water can collect without flooding.
  • Will there be heavy levels of dry sandy soil? In coastal locations the emphasis will be on using mat components designed to effectively brush the soles of shoes and providing adequate capacity to collect the soil.
  • Is oily soiling expected? If the entrance area is adjacent to a busy car park or garage, different contaminants may have to removed. Flexible textile tufts and scraping filaments might be appropriate to remove more oily, greasy soil from the soles of shoes.
  • How much soil will have to be collected? The sheer amount of soil anticipated will determine the overall size of matting needed and the type of mat we might recommend. Most mats are woefully undersized for the tasks they have to perform and this really is a false economy.
  • How busy is the entrance area? The volume of 'traffic' anticipated is critical. Will the matting system have to cater for a few dozen people entering the building or will there be thousands of pedestrians crossing the threshold every day?
  • Will all users of the building be on foot? The type of mat required may be determined by the type of traffic expected. Does wheeled traffic use the area too?

Solutions for all commercial and public sector buildings can be found in the Sentinel range including heavy duty systems designed not only to remove soil but also to withstand the weight and motion of trolleys, carts, and motorised vehicles. For more detailed information and specific guidance on your installation, please don’t hesitate to contact the Shackerley Technical Team