Cleaning & maintenance

Sentinel matting should be regularly cleaned using normal vacuum equipment to remove the dirt residue which will accumulate in the dirt collection profiles. This process should be carried out on a weekly or daily basis depending upon the volume of traffic.

Periodic deep cleaning may also be required. For this we recommend that the matting is removed from the matwell and cleaned using a high pressure water hose. Hold the mat vertically and spray. After a short drying period the matting should be re-fitted.

Daily Cleaning Programme
(Ensure the mats are dry before initiating this programme).

  1. Using a stiff brush, brush the mats thoroughly, along the line of the rib.
  2. Concentrate the brush on the heavily soiled areas in the immediate vicinity of the threshold
  3. Vacuum the excess soil.
  4. Apply chewing gum and stain remover where necessary.

Points to Remember

  1. To maximise efficiency, concentrate cleaning in the most soiled areas.
  2. Never use any bleaching agent. Always use a neutral pH product.
  3. The volume of pedestrian traffic can increase at certain times of the year and the cleaning programme should be altered accordingly.
  4. To maximise the lifespan of the mat, sections can normally be interchanged.
  5. The matwell base should also periodically be cleaned and inspected.